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Carvin Sharkwave, 1 HP Pump
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Carvin Sharkwave, 1 HP Pump

Choosing a pump for your aboveground pool is an important decision. Your pool pump powers each part of your pool equipment, and ensures that your chemicals are circulated correctly. When it comes time to choose a new aboveground pool pump, you?ll want to ensure that you choose a model that is designed for your pool needs, and is powerful enough to circulate your water as needed.

With the Carvin Sharwave above ground pool pump, pool owners have access to a pump that is powerful, dependable, and easy to use.



The Carvin Sharkwave has been designed specifically for aboveground pools, providing the power and circulation needed to keep them clean and performing well. The Carvin pool pump provides efficient flow for your pool, providing the power you need without excessive expense or emissions.

A large strainer basket means you can clean out your pump less frequently, and an easy-open design means you can access your basket with a minumum of struggle. The new anti-vibration design of the Carvin pump also makes it one of the quietest aboveground pool pumps you can choose ? you?ll hardly notice when it is running. The pump you choose for your aboveground pool can have an impact on how your entire pool functions, and it is important that you choose a quality pump that is designed specifically for aboveground pools. With the Carvin Sharkwae Above Ground Pool Pump, you?ll be able to rely on quality pool operation that is specifically designed for the needs of an aboveground pool.

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